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It is so easy to spot a newbie on the trail – brand new clothes, backpack, shining shoes and, most importantly, an utter lack of knowledge about the importance of socks.

Not to dismay those new to nature – anyone on the trail is already doing something right, just by getting out of the city! Socks (and shoes) are probably the most crucial hiking gear that you should spend time with before embarking on any extended hike.

Always carry an extra pair of socks especially if there is rain in the forecast. Extra socks are worth 10x their weight in gold when camping. Perhaps 100x, because gold would be very heavy and useless in your pack on a long trek.

Pro tip:

Always wear two pairs of socks on long hikes – a thin liner and a slightly thicker pair. The thin liner is better at wicking moisture and keeping your feet dry which reduces the chances of chafing and blisters.


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