When2Trip.com is written, cared for, dreamt of, and cursed at by 2 fun loving travelers from opposite sides of the world. Making a personal site like this can be frustrating (hence the cursing), because sometimes the DAMN menu dropdown choices won’t reflect changes made! Rage inducing website development aside - this site is meant to share our travels and tips in order to help you optimize your next vacation.

Hemali and Jamie met at a rock climbing gym in NYC and immediately fell in love. We travelled, hiked, cooked and explored to our hearts content. Then we cooked and ate some more… all while drinking craft beer and amazing whisky from across the globe – and got fat and never went rock climbing again!

Jamie is a mid-westerner from one of those states with too many vowels. He was a formally trained chef that had spent countless hours sweating away in cramped kitchens in NYC just to make him fully appreciate nature and wide open hiking trails. Hemali hails from the humid depths of the Indian subcontinent that smells like a sweaty armpit (her words). She is employed in the city based financial sector, which has driven her to fully enjoy far flung travel and help broaden the horizons of others. In reality, Mumbai is an amazingly beautiful city with the BEST food in the world and has allowed us to bond while teaching one another fundamental cooking skills and a how to use a wide range of exotic spices. We have both resided in NYC since 2008, yet our shared appreciation of nature and passion for food & beverage has propelled us across 6 continents and 50 countries (so far).

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We are really excited to share our experiences, detailed itineraries - categorized by location and best time to visit to make it easy for you to plan your next vacation. Travel does not have to cost a fortune anymore - fair bit of our travel is accelerated by the wise use of the credit card miles & points hobby. There are INCREDIBLY cheap flights and hotel stays to be earned with a bit of effort and tons of researching. See our blog post here and gather further information.

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