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Guide to visiting Milos, Greece

Milos is a one of the islands in the Aegean Sea in the Cyclades region. If the name sounds familiar it is because this is where the famous statue of Venus De Milo was found. Here’s a picture of where the island is located. We spent 3 relaxing days on Milos which was idyllic after visiting the gorgeous (but often crowded) island of Santorini.

milos location

Why Milos?

We definitely wanted to visit Santorini, Athens and Meteora which left a day 3 window in our itinerary. We wanted to use this time to find an island with crystal clear water and great beaches for which Greece is so famous.

Most people choose Mykonos as a default 2nd option along with Santorini. Another popular option is Crete. We quickly ruled these options out because the former is a party town and we wanted something quieter, and the latter is still a popular destination but requires a longer commute from Santorini.

After researching many other islands like Naxos, Paros, Folegandros, etc. we finally settled on Milos for 3 reasons.

  1. Milos seemed to have a record number of beautiful beaches
  2. It is a bit off the grid and not as touristy
  3. It had some great restaurants and wineries

Things to do in Milos

Here’s the perfect to-do for Milos: Soak in the beautiful picture-perfect beaches, eat, drink and be merry 😊

  1. Kleftiko Beach:

Considered one of the best beaches in the Cyclades region, with its crystal-clear blue water, grottoes for swimming and flanked by jagged rock outcrops. Kleftiko is an idyllic spot to swim, snorkel and soak in the beauty of the Greek isles. You will need to take a boat ride because it is not accessible from land.

Delfinia tours Milos
View from restaurant where the tour started
Delfinia tours milos
Seating in the boat
Klefitko beach
Kayaking through grottoes

Kleftiko beach

Kleftiko beach
Kleftiko beach
The shallow “beach” where you could take a break from swimming

All full-day boat trips cover this beach along with many others. We decided to skip a long excursion and just went with a 3 hour boat ride with Delfinia tours. We stopped at Gerontas beach (30 min) and Kleftiko beach (1 hr) for 25E per person.

The tour starts at Kipos restaurant about 40 min from Pollonia. We rented a car in Milos when we got to the Adamas port and we highly recommend that approach because all the sights and beaches are spread out on the island.

Contact using fb message (Page Delfinia tours milos) or psathasn@gmail.com or +302287031421.

Note that these “beaches” weren’t exactly your typical beach with a sandy shore. You just jump from the boat into the sea and swim around. The water was very calm and the tour company even provided swim noodles for people who aren’t strong swimmers. It just surprised us because we were expecting an actual beach with areas for lounging on soft sand. This was still our favorite activity in Milos!

  1. Visiting a winery:

Like many other Greek islands, there were many wineries on this island offering tastings and flights. Lucky for us the commute from out hotel room to the cellar of the best winery on the island was about 2 minutes! No need to worry about drinking and driving for this outing.

We tasted a variety of white, rose and red wines but stuck with the popular white Assyrtiko which the Greek islands are famous for. All around Greece, the wine was exceptional. No wonder it is a serious affair and there are strict rules around growing grapes as the reputation of the island depends upon it.

kostantakis wine tasting
kostantakis wine tasting
Kostantakis vineyard
Kostantakis vineyard

Kostantakis winery


  1. Sarakiniko beach:

This beach is famous for its lunar-like landscape. With a stark rocky beach flanked by white cliffs, it is quite a sight against the deep-blue Aegean sea. There is a shallow cove that connects to the sea which was very crowded with sun bathing beach-goers.

There are also some caves around to take refuge from the sun because there isn’t a single stick of shade anywhere around the beach.

Sarakiniko beach lunar
Famous beach with lunar like landscape
Sarakiniko beach swimming
Shallow cove to swim in

Sarakiniko beach cave
Cave to take refuge in…it was hot!


  1. Other beaches:

The island is full of beautiful beaches. Here are some other favorites:

  • Firiplaka beach – This is a nice sandy beach with good snorkeling
  • Tsigrado Beach – Adventurous souls might want to check out this beach. Climb down a crevice between the rocks with a rope, then down a steep ladder to get there. It is close to Firiplaka so if you are part of a family or group, people who are interested can explore this part while the others wait at Firiplaka.
  • Paliochori Beach – This is a colorful beach with sulfur vents. Not your usual beach to lounge at, but unique and interesting to visit nonetheless.
  1. Ancient ruins:

If you are beached out, head off to Kastro at Plaka (ruins of a castle, beautiful hike & views) the Roman amphitheater of Milos or the Catacombs of Milos which are all within a 10 minute drive of one another.  You can also take a stroll down the Roman road (now a rambling path) to Adamas where a fabulous ice-cream shop awaits you.

Where to stay in Milos

Once we made the decision to visit Milos, the location to stay was relatively easy to choose.


It is the main town in Milos with all the cruise ships stopping here and just a 10 min drive from the airport. There are many markets and restaurants in this area, and also a sandy public beach close by. Shortcut for booking a stay in Adamas


It is a small village located in the north of Milos. It has a nice beach, some great B&B’s and some of the best restaurants on the island. This village checked all the boxes for us so we went with this location. Just a 20 minute drive from Adamas.

Pollonia town
Cute little town of Pollonia


We stayed at the Kostantakis Cave Winery Residence. It was a 15 min walk to the town center of Pollonia and a really beautiful and relaxing property. We had a nice terrace to take in the view and enjoy the volcanic island.

Every morning, there was a small but delicious breakfast spread and the owners were very warm and helpful.

Studio patio

studio kostantakis honeymoon
studio kostantakis


To search for other hotels in Pollonia -> Click here


It is the capital of present Milos. There are many good beaches, restaurants and Plaka is also located close to some historical ruins and an archaeological museum.


There are many other properties spread out around the southern stretches of the island. Keep in mind that this isn’t a touristy town so you will have to drive quite a bit to get to restaurants if you choose a secluded location.

How to get there

Milos has a small airport. You can fly in from Athens or take a ferry from one of the numerous islands. Depending on your itinerary and schedule, the ferry routes and various ships offer many options for arrival/departure.

We had two options from Santorini on the day of our travel,

  • Take a 4-hour ferry from Santorini to Kimolos on ADAM KORAIS boat (Zante Ferries) and then an hour long connecting ferry from Kimolos to Milos
  • Take a 2.5 hr sea jets ferry directly from Santorini to Milos

We chose the slower boat because the faster one is more prone to cause sea sickness and the seating was compact (airplane or bus like). On the Zante ferries, there were nice couches to lounge on and you can see the different ports from the top deck.

We also had a nice, leisurely lunch at Kimolos port while we waited for the connecting ferry. Here are some pictures from both the ferries.

adam korais zante ferries
adam korais zante ferries
adam korais zante ferries
adam korais zante ferries
Artemis Hellenic seaways
Kimolos to Milos Artemis Hellenic seaways
 Artemis Hellenic seaways
Kimolos to Milos Artemis Hellenic seaways

Where to eat in Milos

Food in Milos was fantastic like elsewhere in Greece. Here are some of our favorites. Reservation is recommended for majority of them.


  1. Enalion – Hours: Sun – Sat 1:00 PM – 12:30 AM, reservations needed and get a table on the terrace / beach


  1. Jordan’s Meat…ing Steak House / Grill Bar – Hours: 12pm to 2am, no reservations listed, very good meats, burgers and salads and occasional live music.


  1. Gialos – Hours: can’t find – make reservations



  1. Psaravolada Restaurant – No hours listed, difficult to get reservations: (+30) 22870 31105
    • Near south eastern part so good for when you visit Firiplaka / Palichori


  1. Medusa – Hours: Sun – Sat, 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
    • Near north western part so good for when you visit Sarakiniko or Firopotamus beach


  1. Barriello – Hours: Wed – Sat, 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM
    • In Tripto so near roman forum and a couple of beaches


  1. Alevromilos – Hours: Hours: Sun – Sat 1:00 PM – 12:00 AM
    • They serve delicious home made greek food!
    • In Parasporas between Adamas and Pollonioa


  1. Oh Hamos – Hours: Sun – Sat, 10:00 AM – 12:30 AM, In Adamas


  1. Mikros Apoplous – Hours: Sun – Sat, 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM, In Adamas


Message us with any comments or questions.

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Guide to Milos Greece


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