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Nile River Cruise Experience

The longest river in the world running all the way from Lake Victoria was and continues to be the life blood running through the heart of Egypt finally ending in Mediterranean Sea in the north.

Providing the main source of water in this country with almost no rain, Egyptians built their civilizations along the banks of Nile. This makes a Nile river cruise not only a great relaxing way to see the beauty of Egypt but is also a logistically viable option to explore various sights on our list. Every stop on the river cruise gives you access to an ancient site dating back 1000’s of years.

We are not usually cruise people but this one seemed too obvious to pass up. We are so glad we didn’t skip this boat ride!

When searching for the Nile Cruise, we read various reviews online and on tripadvisor. We chose to go with Sonesta St George I. It is a luxury cruise but not the best in its class.

We booked our cruise with Memphis tours and had 7 other people in our group during excursions. We really lucked out because they were all fantastic people and we certainly made some new friends on the trip.

You can easily do a private trip on your own with Memphis Tours as well. After running the costs for each activity separately, we found that it was actually cheaper to go with a tour so we chose Memphis tours after reading several reviews.

We chose to go with a 4 night cruise starting in Luxor to Aswan and thought the duration was perfect. There are several other longer routes available.

Sonesta St George

Nile Cruise Sonesta St George


The Ship

The Sonesta St. George I has 58 cabins – 7 Deluxe Cabins, 9 Presidential Suites and one Royal Suite. More than half were empty because tourists are still wary of visiting Egypt. During the quick check-in we found that we had been upgraded to one of the better rooms. Every cabin has a view which is great.

The ship has a nice lounge on the lower floor, a small pool and a hot tub on the roof, a small gym, sauna and another smaller lounge area.


Nile Cruise Sonesta St George


Meals were all inclusive except for the drinks. The staff was ever accommodating and service was top notch. As a vegetarian, I had bit of a trouble with my first meal because I just kept getting carbs in different forms. The staff noticed my plates getting returned and made extra effort to improve the meals and even mad special dishes for me.

Nile Cruise Sonesta St George dining


One of the best parts about the Nile River cruise was actually our guide Yasser. He is hands-down the best guide we have encountered. He not only had deep knowledge of Egypt’s historical sights and culture but he was also able to articulate the stories in a very entertaining manner.

He was also extremely accommodating of all of requests and genuinely a wonderful human being. If your travels take you to this part of the world, ask for Yasser when you reach out to Memphis tours.

Our fantastic guide Yasser

Royal Suite

The Royal suite costs about $800 per night which is way below what a suite like this would cost in Carribean or western world. We didnt stay in it but here are some pictures if you feel like splurging on your trip to Egypt.

Nile Cruise Sonesta St George

Nile Cruise Sonesta St George

Nile Cruise Sonesta St George

The sights

We spent 4 nights on the Nile cruise and made several stops! See links below for our in-depth 4 day itinerary:

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Nile Cruise Sonesta St George


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