Sunshine or rain, Buff is an inexpensive must-have for hiking & travel.  This is one item that we won’t leave home without. It can be used as a hat, earmuffs, scarf, red-neck prevention, sweatband and pillowcase.

buff headwear

Our buffs proved most versatile during a 6-day trip in Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia (Chile) when the first 3 hours of the morning would have 40+MPH winds whipping down upon us. However, the strenuous uphill sections would still make us sweaty and by avoiding the usual knit beanie the tops of our heads could provide ventilation while the buffs kept our ears nice and toasty.

For winter hikes, we use the merino wool version of the buff. This multi-purpose travel essential has kept us warm and dry on glaciers and freezing mountains. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it looks like a fashion accessory!

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buff headwear

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