sea to summit compression bag

Two of the most valuable things when it comes to travel – #1 Time #2 Space.

These little do-hickeys manage to crunch down your sleeping bag to a capsule just slightly larger than a loaf of wonder bread.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you figure out how to strategically smash the lofty sleeping bag into a compression sack, you’ll never look back! There’s really no alternative if you want to get away from car camping, otherwise a sleeping bag will fill up your entire back pack.

Another great use for compression bags is when going on extended trips and needing to pack down jackets or snow pants.

Just remember to always remove items after your trip, never store lofty material in the compression bags or it will reduce the effectiveness of the sleeping bags’ insulation over time. Sea to Summit eVent compression dry sacks allows air to be pushed out, but keeps water from entering.

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sea to summit compression bag


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