snow peak gigapower stove

Snow Peak Gigapower Stove is an ultra-light solution to meet your trail kitchen needs.

It can fit in your pocket and weighs in at just 3.75 oz. FRIGGIN OUNCES. That’s lighter than a McRoyale with cheese.

I have successfully used this stove with a myriad of fuel canister brands and isobutane / propane ratios.

There is no hint of failure thus far, aside from the igniter clicker not always performing well in high wind situations (like any good boy/girl scout – always be prepared and pack a backup lighter/matches/flint).

It is very easy to accurately dial in the flame level with this stove to avoid scorching your meals, and cools down quickly to be effortlessly packed away when Yogi comes lumbering through your campsite to join you for dinner.

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snow peak gigapower stove


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