merrel hiking trail boots

A note on footwear – ignore what anyone tells you, try on and test out multiple pairs/brands/styles of footwear and decide what works best for you. Human feet are like stinky snowflakes – each is unique and there are no two alike.

If I, or anyone else, rants and raves about a certain brand and tells you it is WITHOUT fail the bar-none, best G.D. boot you’ll ever wear but it then gives you blisters – what then? I’m not going to fly to your home and personally drain the fluid filled blisters on your heels. Test them out for yourself, break them in slowly before any extended treks, and wear 2 pairs of socks.

With that said, I have happily used 8 pairs of Merrel Moab Ventilator size 11 since 2010. For me personally, the low-cut version of this trail runner shoe is akin to having fluffy white clouds wrapped around my feet with velvet curtains. The Vibram sole is rugged, durable and flexible. Merrel has found the perfect balance between padding and agility with this product.

I do not recommend the waterproof/Goretex version of this shoe as it does not breathe as well in hot temperatures, and once saturated from rain or sweat the shoe takes much longer to dry.

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merrel hiking trail boots

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