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After hiking over 1,100 miles from Baxter State Park in Maine to the symbolic half-way point of the Appalachian Trail in Harper’s Ferry West Virginia, I finally swapped out the insoles of my Merrel Moab trail runners.

Yes, even after 1,000 miles of walking there are still life lessons to be learned. The factory insoles of most footwear are just brightly colored foam/plastic inserts and might as well be made of cardboard.

A friendly staff member of a local sporting goods shop in Harper’s Ferry simply handed me this product when I told them I’m having some leg pain. They eagerly watched my face as I slipped them into my shoes and tested the fit.


I had been walking for months without arch support or added cushion, and the employee knew exactly what they had done. Sale closed – customer satisfied. Green max-thickness is the best for me, but SuperFeet offers 30+ varieties of insoles to meet your needs based on foot anatomy and expected usage.

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superfeet insoles

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