thermarest neoair

Certain lumberjacks prefer camping to be “roughing it” and genuinely think that sleeping pads and pillows are for glamping only (Glamour-Camping). For those of us that are just a bit less sadist, and appreciate a good night’s rest without rocks and twigs massaging the spine this 19 oz inflatable mattress does the trick.

The regular size 6’ mattress compresses down smaller than a loaf of wonder bread and inflates with just 10-15 deep breaths. The technology of this air mattress is amazing, it truly feels like a regular bed and you can sleep on your side without having your hips or shoulders dig into the ground. The 2.5” of air acts as a much-needed insulation layer when camping in cold climates otherwise the cold, cold ground just sucks away body heat throughout the night.

Sure, it’s a $100+ investment but it’s not just useful for backcountry camping or ultra-light hiking – These air mattresses are great for family vacations, hammock camping, road trips and sleeping on the fold down seats of an SUV trunk, etc.

Pro -Tip: If you inflate the mattress before brushing your teeth, you can remind yourself of last night’s menu when deflating in the morning 😊

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thermarest neoair

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