» » » Staying at the Arctic Snow hotel and glass igloos in Finnish Lapland

Staying at the Arctic Snow hotel and glass igloos in Finnish Lapland

This popular Arctic snow hotel hotel is located just an hour away from the Rovaniemi airport. We were dropped at the airport by our bus, then grabbed a rental car for the rest of our stay.

To our dismay, there was no staff at any of the car rental counters. If there aren’t any arriving flights or departures at that time, the rental companies obviously don’t staff the counters. In retrospect, we should’ve called the car rental company and let them know that we won’t be flying in to ensure that they we were ready with the car upon our arrival.

After waiting for about 45 min, and seeing every inch of the Rovaniemi airport, we finally got a jalopy of a rental car and were off to the town of Rovaniemi.

We made a quick stop for a bite at the Kauppayhtiö Bar & Grill, then continued on to resupply at another K-market before getting to the Arctic snow hotel and glass igloos.

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The Glass Igloo

We got to the Arctic snow hotel in the afternoon. After quick check-in and a walk around the property, we were excited to see the glass igloo.

Checkout the video of the igloo here

It was much more spacious and the furnishings were much better than the mobile cabin (Lake Inari Mobile Cabins) and the views were great because we were on the far end of the property. The glass igloo had an actual bathroom, which was an upgrade over the mobile cabin. There was an alarm in the igloo which would buzz when the northern lights appeared which is a great benefit. On the other hand, there were a lot of igloos situated closely to each other so it didn’t beat the mobile cabin in terms of privacy.

The Snow hotel

The snow hotel is quite a sight to see. Every winter, the hotel is made from scratch and then taken down once spring starts and the weather starts to warm up.

The rooms consist of ice carvings and structures created from snow and even the beds are made of ice blocks. They have fur pelts layered on the bed and a few blankets, which is not enough to combat the cold temps so the guests need to sleep in full cold weather clothing….yikes. Also, the bathrooms are common for all the hotel rooms and there is a separate storage room to keep all the luggage.

I am sure it could be a great experience but we decided to give it a pass after weighing the pros and cons. Instead, we decided to quickly explore the rooms which are open to all visitors between the check-out and check-in times.

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Most rooms in the hotel were just bare bones with two cots. There are about 6 to 7 different suites which had much more elaborate carvings / themes and quite a bit of effort was put into getting these built.

I will let the pictures do the talking…

Arctic Snow hotel standard room

Arctic Snow hotel suite Finland

Arctic Snow hotel suite Finland

Arctic Snow hotel suite Finland

Arctic Snow hotel suite Finland

Arctic Snow hotel suite Finland

Arctic snow hotel and glass igloos

We also saw the beautiful dining rooms, wedding altar and the ice bar. After this short jaunt, we headed back to the igloo in anticipation of the lights. Unfortunately, the alarms didn’t go off and there were no visible lights because of the 100% cloud cover. Ohh well!

We woke up refreshed next morning considering that this is the first night we had uninterrupted sleep. We headed to the main lodge for breakfast which was included with our room rate. There were plenty of options with a variety of common breakfast hot / cold items and local Finnish options.

Arctic Snow hotel altar

Arctic Snow hotel suite Finland

hSledding and Strolling the Hotel Grounds

We then went for a walk around the property. There was a fenced off area with a couple of reindeers. A group of kids were having fun feeding the reindeers.

We also took advantage of the sleds and the fresh snow and played around. Our check-out time was still a couple of hours away so we just spent the rest of the time walking around the trails and taking in the nature until it was time for us to get to our next location.

Arctic Snow hotel reindeers

Arctic Snow hotel sledding

Booking the hotel

We recommend booking in advance with a refundable rate using this booking.com link and search “Arctic glass igloos Finland” or “Arctic snow hotel Finland” which allows you to pay up front or at the cabin after your stay. You also get $25 off your stay if you use our link.

The glass igloos are pretty expensive and cost 500E per night. The standard snow hotel rooms cost 260E per night and suites cost 350E per night.

Message us with any comments or questions.

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Staying at the Arctic Snow hotel and glass igloo in Finland

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